Ganesh (Gary) Loke
is a young, innovative business entrepreneur & movie producer running his IT- development, training, marketing and a film production company 'Indo Aus Entertainment' based in Sydney. Ganesh is a founder and CEO of Indo Aus Entertainment.

He has produced a Bollywood movie based on social/ patriotic theme- 'Sarfaroshi- the war against system'. Currently Ganesh is producing an Australian project- ‘Lets change the world’. Ganesh has also developed innovative web sites to promote & help the local small businesses in marketing.

Ganesh was chosen as a ‘Finalist in the Young Community Achiever’ category at ‘India Australia Business and Community Awards 2014’.

Ganesh have a vast experience and background in IT and training industry in Australia. He has got degrees in IT and Education from Charles Sturt University in Australia. Then after graduating from Australian University he has worked in IT, training & marketing industry in Sydney. He has established his IT consultancy & IT training business, and has also worked for the NSW Education Department in IT training. Later he established his own movie production company & produced a Bollywood movie based on social theme.

Ganesh is active in the social work in Sydney's southwest region. He has been helping many needy people to get jobs, accommodation etc.
With his unique, broad and innovative vision Ganesh have entered into active politics to help the local families & serve their interests. Ganesh contested the Federal election for the seat of Parramatta in 2013 Federal election. He participated in the debates with local MP and the audiences liked his great speeches.

Ganesh believes in 'Never give up' spirit and the 'Yes, we can' attitude. He shares his birth date -(except the birth year) '14th May' with Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg, and also shares the same spirit & ideology about changing the world through innovation, research and helpfulness.

Ganesh believes that 'Innovation' & 'helpful attitude' is a key to change this world, and the inspired, hard working youth around the world have the potential to make this world a better place to live.

Ganesh has demonstrated a great ability to overcome all those challenges successfully and established himself as a young, talented & successful entrepreneur of local Australian community in Sydney, which can be an inspiration for many people.
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