In November' 2012 Indo Aus Entertainment launched its ambitious IT project:

What is YouPromoTube? is a video sharing web site specifically designed for promotional videos for businesses and also for individuals. You can promote your business, products, events or even your skills on this site.

We are offering free video uploads to individual users. However, for Business users, they will need to buy our paid accounts ranging from $19.95 / month Basic plan to $89.95 /month Gold plan. Each plan have different features according to the its level.

Why paid account for businesses?

The business users will create paid account. They can upload videos on their account according to their chosen plan. There will be a 'promo code' associated with these videos. The viewers who watch these videos can note down the promo code and when they purchase goods, services or food at that particular business they can provide that code while shopping and get 5% or 10% or even 20% discount from that particular business (depending upon the business's participation in the scheme*).
*conditions apply- please refer to the 'Terms and conditions' for details.

Plus, if that business is participating in the Gold or silver plans, then their customers can get a 'reward entry coupon*' from Every month lucky customers whose numbers are chosen through this coupon will receive gift card as per the available promotion.

So, this will reduce the advertising/ marketing cost for most of the businesses as they will be able to attract customers through this web site and promote their business, products or events accordingly.

Whereas, viewers can get discounts and rewards just for viewing the videos on this site.

For more information, please refer to 'How it works' page at

About the Founder of YouPromoTube is conceived, designed and founded by Mr. Ganesh Loke. Ganesh Loke is a CEO of YouPromoTube and also CEO of the 'Indo Aus Entertainment' which is a leading IT- development and a film production company based in Sydney and Mumbai. Its Bollywood (Hindi) movie 'Sarfaroshi...the war against system' is releasing on 26th January 2013.

Ganesh have a vast experience and background in IT industry in Australia. He has done his M.I.T. from Charles Sturt University in Australia. Then he has worked in IT & training industry in Sydney since 2001. He has established his IT consultancy & IT training business in Sydney, and has also worked for the NSW govt. department in IT & training.

With his unique, broad and ambitious vision Ganesh is also planning to enter into the games software industry in future along with the IT and film production business.

Ganesh (also known as 'Raj' in his close circle) believes in 'Never give up' spirit and the 'Yes, we can' attitude. He shares his birth date -(except the birth year) '14th May' with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg , and also shares the same spirit & ideology about changing the world.

Ganesh supports various charities in Australia & India. He is also active in the social work and believes in helping others.

Ganesh believes that 'Innovation' & 'helpful attitude' is a key to change the world, and the inspired, hard working youth around the world have the potential to make this world a better place to live.

He can be contacted at or at
Interview of the CEO of YouPromoTube & Indo Aus Entertainment Mr. Ganesh Loke about
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